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Grow Pate - The Growshop in Berlin

The growshop of Grow Pate in Berlin has everything the plant breeder's heart desires in the Sets department. Our online offer introduces you to a wide range of articles and also provides interesting information and always changing bargains ready. Whether plug & play complete sets, starter sets or specially matched lighting, irrigation, ventilation, fertilizer or measuring equipment sets of tuned individual components - here you will find your optimal plant growing kit for every need. All sets were put together with expertise and are also very reasonably priced for you.

High-quality grow boxes - plants in the perfect cabinet!

In the web catalog of Grow Pate in Berlin you can expect a large range of high-quality grow boxes. All are made by renowned brand manufacturers and have proven to be superior in demanding use by breeders. Our Growboxen assortment is selected with expertise and priced very low priced

Modern Grow Technique - plants provide conditions!

The Grow Pate Growshop has just about everything in terms of plant breeding technology, which makes the heart of the indoor growler beat faster. In addition to high-quality articles, our website offers a great deal of technical information, practical decision-making aids and constantly changing promotions. From individual parts to fully automated sensor-monitored complete solutions based on all common technologies - here you will find a wide range of innovative breeding techniques for artificial lighting, irrigation, ventilation and air conditioning of plants as well as suitable control and measurement technology. In addition, suitable accessories and necessary spare parts for professional installation, maintenance, repair and care. Our entire technical assortment was probably thoughtfully zusammengstellt for you and on top of that super customer friendly calculated.

Modular mini-greenhouses - plants from the house!

Our GrowShop has an extensive range of modular mini and room greenhouses for you. They all come from the home of renowned brand manufacturers. In everyday use with plant breeders, they have proven their high quality and longevity. The buy-can offer of mini and room greenhouses is very reasonably priced and carefully put together for you.

Irrigation systems - plants love water!

The web store of Grow Pate in Berlin offers an attractive range of different irrigation systems for you. All components are manufactured by renowned brand manufacturers. In the everyday life of living room breeders all have shown excellent quality and function. The grow in portfolio of systems for plant irrigation has been compiled with great care for you and your plants and priced in customer-friendly prices. Here you will find all the individual parts, Erstazteile and accessories for the optimal irrigation of your plants.