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Suitable lighting - plants need light!

At Buy-Can you will find everything that makes you happy and your green babies. In addition to high quality products, interesting information and up-to-date news, we also offer great deals and special offers. Whether complete lighting systems based on all common lighting technologies or individual lighting components such as light bulbs, ballasts, armatures, reflectors, spreaders, lightrails - we have selected the entire range for artificial plant lighting carefully for you and calculated above pre-cold. Of course, you will also find suitable lighting accessories and spare parts for proper installation, upgrading, maintenance, maintenance and repair. You will find a small introduction and references to further information on the subject below.

With plant lighting from Buy-Can you back your greenlings stest well & cheaply into the "appropriate light"!


Why special plant lighting?

(Sun) light is absolutely necessary for most plants. In the natural environment, plants interact with special radiation fields of the electromagnetic spectrum, the so-called plant light. It is important to recognize that natural plant lighting, depending on location and sunbathing, however, always has a completely different composition. Especially in the temperate climates, with the change of the seasons and respective sunlight, both the lighting quality as well as through different day and night lengths changes, as it were, the exposure time. Depending on their nature, age and development status, plants react according to the currently active bioprograms correspondingly and differently to the given lighting situation.

In nature, plant lighting acts on the one hand as a controlling regulator or simplified as a clock. On the other hand, it functions as a highly complex biochemical reaction - "photosynthesis" - but also as a source of energy and an activator. The green leaf dye chlorophyll thereby absorbs the "photosynthesis active radiation" (PAR) visible to plants from the offered wave spectrum. With this lighting energy, the plant converts water and carbon dioxide into the air into organic compounds such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oxygen. These serve the plant, as it were, as a building, aid and nutrient. Thus, light is, in many respects, the essential basis for almost all plant metabolism, development and maturation processes.

In the case of room maintenance, indoor breeding or even wintering plants, the task of a successful amateur gardener is precisely to simulate the natural sunlight by artificial artificial lighting. In this case, the illuminating cocktail to be supplied is qualitatively and quantitatively optimally matched to the type of plant to be illuminated, the age and the respective growth phase or, according to the desired development results, manipulated accordingly. So the better you know the needs of your plant, the more it will thank you for a long life, healthy growth and flowering.

Buy-Can offers the perfect technique for optimal plant lighting for almost every floral application. Of special energy saving, discharge and induction lamps in all common wattages and light colors together with matching ballasts. For this purpose, appropriate frames and reflectors in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, in open and closed design, as well as a wide selection of timing and light-movement systems, as well as extensive accessories. Whether as a single part, spare part or completely preconfigured system. No matter how many plants you want to illuminate, whether you are a beginner, ambitious amateur or professional indoor gardener. We always have the right equipment for lighting your plants for every requirement and purse.

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