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Strong refkectors - plants with reflex!

The web shop Buy-Can offers you an attractive range of articles on a wide range of reflectors for plant breeding. All come from the well-known premium manufacturer. In the everyday life of ambitious indoorians, all have shown excellent workmanship and performance. Our range of reflectors has been selected with the utmost care and is very inexpensive.

The Internet shop Buy-Can offers below listed reflectors for the following lighting systems:

Energy saving reflector systems (ESL)
Compact Fluorescent Light Reflector (CFL)
Sodium vapor lamp reflector systems (NDL / HPS)
Metal Detector (MH)
Hybrid illuminant reflector systems (NDL / HPS + MH)
Fluorescent Tube Reflector (LSR)

Buy-Can offers u.a. the following types of reflectors: 

standard reflectors
special reflectors

The online shop Buy-Can sells the following reflectors: 

Universal reflectors
Diamond reflectors
Deep Beam reflectors
WideBeam reflectors
Wing reflectors
Cooled Reflectors