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Powerful ballasts - plants with energy!

The Buy-Can Online-Store offers a selection of ballasts for you. All our ballast products are manufactured by well-known companies. They have demonstrated their special quality and performance in the tough use of plant fans. Our range of ballasts has been hand-picked for you and your plants selected and supergünstig.

Overview Ballasts for plant breeding

The web shop Buy-Can carries ballasts for the plant breeding in different designs. Electromagnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts from 70 to 1000W are offered. All ballasts are suitable for the operation of sodium vapor lamps (HPS) and metal halide lamps (MH). Electromagnetic ballasts are cheaper than electronic ballasts and as loose components (PRO-V-T or PRO-IT) or as ready-to-plug devices in a plastic housing (SPP). Electronic ballasts have a number of advantages. Most variants are adjustable, ie they can be operated in different switching stages. For example, in the early days when the plants are not yet light-fast, you can save energy or, with the super-lumen function, the light source can produce about 10% more light and thus get the maximum out of the light source. Technically, electronic ballasts are more efficient than electromagnetic. This means that they absorb up to 5% less electricity with the same light output and produce even less heat. Furthermore, electronic ballasts have a fuse. Electronic ballasts can be selected with Schuko (Euro) plug, with IEC connector, for the connection of different power plugs or with terminal block (luster terminal), for installation in larger systems. Buy-Can offers ballasts of the following brands:

Our internet shop carries the following illuminants:

Sodium vapor system VSG (NDL / HPS)
Metaldamp system VSG (MH)
Multisystem VSG (NDL / HPS + MH)

The Internet shop Buy-Can supplies the following types of electromagnetic ballasts:

HD +

Buy-Can sells the following types of electronic and electronically controlled ballasts: